Anyone Can Learn To Code

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After our twelve week Sunday-and-weeknights program, you will be ready to land an entry level or apprenticeship position as a web developer, even if you have no previous programming experience. Using a careful balance of hands-on experience and masterful instruction, explaining technical concepts in plain English, you will learn the fundamentals of Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will help you build a portfolio of projects that will impress employers and help network to find you the job that will launch your career in web development.

Anyone Can Learn To Code


TypeIn class
FocusRuby on Rails
Started in1/14/2014


Length12 weeks
Class size10-20 students
Sessions per year3
Dedication per week22 hours
Minimum skill levelBasic computer skills
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes startYes


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to visitors
Refund (if accepted job through program)No
Financing / ScholarshipN/A
Alternative payment
plans available


Student VisaNo

Phone #


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  • Jeffrey

    One of the best aspects of this program is that it’s intended for those, like myself, who have a full-time job. Unlike some of the other programs of which I also applied, I feel ACLTC stood apart from the rest as it offered a welcoming environment right from day one. The atmosphere was friendly, open, comfortable and relaxing–even for the most timid and unsure developer-to-be. After the 12 week bootcamp I can say with confidence that I left with a solid foundation in web development. Definitely a positive, worthwhile experience

  • trevordjones

    This bootcamp was exactly what I needed. The instructor setting helped me understand complex subjects and then I was able to apply what I learned immediately in exercises or even in my capstone project. I just landed a software development internship and have officially launched my new career! This bootcamp works – I’ve seen it in action.

  • walshification

    Two things set Anyone Can Learn to Code apart from other bootcamps: the time commitment and instruction. ACLTC is the only programming bootcamp I found that allowed me to keep my job while attending. That was huge. I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. And whereas most bootcamps throw you straight into the deep end of dev, providing an environment where you can teach yourself how to code with little directed instruction, ACLTC gives direct, in-class lessons alongside practical exercises to help guide you through the beginning dev world. There is so much to learn that you can easily get overwhelmed, but Jay makes sure that doesn’t happen, guiding you through the technologies and tools you need, building a solid dev foundation that will take you from start to finish on any project.

    I cannot recommend ACLTC highly enough. It changed my life, taking my dev career dreams from some-day-maybe to right now, introducing me to Chicago-based dev recruiters with a portfolio of apps I am proud of. If you have any interest in starting a dev career, apply to ACLTC. You will not regret it.


    I have two students who graduated fro this program and they learned some very good skills. I actually have students from many bootcamps, and I find that they were typically taught bad practices as they relate to Ruby and Rails.

    I have been impressed with the students from this bootcamp.

    If you want expert mentorship you can look me up on and also check out the ruby on rails screencasts I produce at

    I also help students prepare for interviews, aid them in coding assignments, and generally do what I can to get them in the door somewhere.