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Denver-based SeedPaths runs an intensive 8-week bootcamp that teaches job seekers to become entry-level and junior-level software developers through a rich curriculum that includes three major training components: software development, professional development and job development.

What makes an ideal candidate for our program are a few things:

1) Being super gritty, tech savvy, hard working and a fast learner.
2) Knowing 100% that a career as a software developer is for them.
3) The ability to commit to something incredibly difficult, but equally rewarding.
4) Programming experience and knowledge (even self taught) are a major plus.

While taking part, our developers will learn foundational programming skills to prepare themselves to become a full-stack .NET programmer. We teach some of the most in-demand language today incluing: C#, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery and AngularJS.

Our developers also learn a ton about themselves to hone their personal brand and how to increase their emotional intelligence in order to best market themselves to employers, then learn what it takes to land themselves a job. We have relationships with dozens of tech companies looking to hire our graduates and have a full-time staff member dedicated to helping our graduates get placed.

Everything we do is about getting our graduates employed. If you think you might be a great fit for this program, please apply bellow.

Seedpath’s next upcoming program is tentatively scheduled to begin on June 15 and they will launch their first 12-week program starting on August 7, 2015.



TypeIn Class
jQuery, SQL
Started inJanuary 2014


Length8 weeks
Class size12-30 people
Sessions per year5
Dedication per week60-65 hours
Minimum skill levelBasic computer skills
Jr. Developer,
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes startYes
Interviewin-person or
video interview


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to visitorsNo
Refund (if accepted job through program)No
Financing / ScholarshipYes**


Student VisaNo

Phone #603-762-1729
Address800 Grant Street,
Suite 120.
CityDenver, Colorado


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** Full scholarships are available through our funding partners for those who qualify. Financing options also available. Please inquire for more information.

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  • Keith Miller

    If you want to be a software developer and can make
    it through SeedPaths program, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE in eight short weeks.

    I can’t say enough good things about the SeedPaths
    program but what makes it truly special is the staff. There are two coding
    instructors and two professional development instructors. The course is split
    50/50 learning each. SeedPaths has designed a lot of original material and
    exercises for programming in C# that the talented instructors will walk you

    Being someone who came from a software background
    with no coding skills, I found the professional development pieces unexpectedly
    beneficial to my future career. You will start your day retraining your brain
    to learn and think like a developer by working through logic puzzles and
    testing your resolve to complete all the challenges that await you.

    Each afternoon you will be learning to code. These
    sessions will be led by an instructor writing code and explaining it to you. A
    lot of times this is followed up by a practical application of the concepts
    learned and time for your questions. Generally there will also be an assignment
    for you to complete before the following day. What’s amazing about this is that
    the instructors are available for (and open to) questions after class for

    Learning at SeedPaths was the hardest thing that
    I’ve ever had to do and there were times where I was not sure I would make it
    through the program. Yet based on the coding skills and soft skills I received
    from the program I was able to get a job within the first six weeks of the
    program. I attribute some of this to my dedication to put in plenty of nights
    and weekend learning (and relearning) all the concepts taught in class, but
    also I couldn’t have done it on my own. The staff at SeedPaths does everything
    they can to make the environment conducive to learning. By this I mean,
    facilitating a relaxing yoga session each morning, providing healthy food
    options and constantly being open to questions and new approaches to problem