Galvanize Full Stack

Galvanize is an education company that blends the lines between learning and working. We create easy access for anyone who has the aptitude and drive to succeed with technology, especially in data science, engineering and entrepreneurship. Our campuses are home to instructors, students, startups and others who are dedicated to level up their skills.

Galvanize Full Stack is a 24-week program that teaches you how to make an impact as a contributing member of a development team. With expert instructors, startups, and industry partners working side by side, there’s always someone to help you get unstuck or offer you new challenges to put your skills to the test. After learning the fundamentals, we connect you with real development teams within our community so you walk out of the program with actual production experience. The program culminates in hiring day, where students meet potential employers, present projects, and show off everything they’ve learned.


Galvanize Fort Collins – Old Town Campus
242 Linden St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 592-0075

Galvanize Austin – 2nd Street District
118 Nueces St.
Austin, TX 78701

Galvanize Denver – Golden Triangle Campus
1062 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 823-4170

Galvanize Boulder – West Pearl
1035 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 749-0038

Galvanize San Francisco – SOMA Campus
44 Tehama St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 805-1888

Galvanize Seattle – Pioneer Square Campus
111 S Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 886-0556

Galvanize New York – West SOHO Campus

Galvanize Phoenix- Warehouse Campus

Galvanize Full Stack


TypeIn Class
FocusRuby on Rails
Started in2012


Length24 weeks
Class size26 people
Sessions per year1
Dedication per week40 hours
Minimum skill levelAdvanced,
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes startYes
Take Home Pre-Challenge


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to visitors
Refund (if accepted job through program)No
Financing / ScholarshipYes
Partial Scholarships
from $1500-$10,500


Student VisaNo

Phone # (303) 749-0110
Address1644 Platte Street
Denver, CO 80202
CityAustin, TX
Denver, CO
Boulder, CO
Fort Collin, CO
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, CA
New York, NY
Phoenix, AZ


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  • beyonsense

    From their site: “The program is $20,000 per person. Tuition includes a new Apple laptop”. Why would i need to pay for a new Apple laptop if i already have one? Is this school in hardware sales business?

    • Perhaps the question could be directed to gschool’s founder? Well at Polycademy you won’t get a laptop, but instead get to use a shiny new all in one! (That is if you join this year)

      • beyonsense

        would you like to submit your school’s info? Click “Add new boot camp” at the top of this page. Thanks!

    • Hardware sales is hardly a booming business, hah.

      Students who are coming in with an acceptable Apple laptop (>4gb ram, <1 year old) have had their tuition discounted.

      • beyonsense

        How much discount? Do you have any additional information to add to your school description? Maybe a better introduction? Please email it to me to info AT

  • Aum

    Looking at the curriculum, I do not see any factor that distinguishes gSchool’s offering from the offerings at much cheaper (yet, still reputable) schools. It’s the same content and delivery style that can be had for half the price elsewhere. In fact, Condinghouse in SF area even provides housing and food in addition to good teaching for approx. $12,500 (12 weeks).

    • gSchool’s first twelve weeks are similar to other coding boot camps. The second twelve weeks are about learning to collaborate on a team project, i.e., to close the “junior programmer gap” in which new hires need 3-4 months to get up to speed at a new job.

    • Dom

      Full disclosure, I just got accepted to gSchool’s SF cohort for April 2015, but I do not have any hands on experience with their curriculum yet.

      That being said, I did several months of research before selecting what I thought would be the best program for me. I chose gSchool over the many options in the Bay Area because there were some things gSchool offered that other schools did not. The big ones, for me, was the amount of scholarship money they awarded relative to the cost of the class. They offer up to $5000 off the $21k initial price, which was way more than any of the other schools I talked to (two of the more popular schools in the Bay offer a max $500 off their $17k ish tuition).

      In their open house I went to, gSchool stated their commitment to creating more diversity in the industry. As a Latino US Army vet, born and raised in SF but seeing some of the diversity leave the city, their mission was important to me.

      What also attracted me to gSchool over other options was the ecosystem they are creating. I am pretty sure that all of their classes are in buildings that are owned by the company, and also house a large number of tech companies of various sizes. I think Galvanize is an incubator and venture capital company, as well as educators. As you go to school you are constantly surrounded by networking opportunities with tech companies that work in the same space as you. For example, I know IBM has some office space at the SF campus, and I think they have even hired gSchool bootcamp grads.

      I feel these connections, at your finger tips for six months, would greatly increase chances of getting hired. When I complete the program in six months, I’ll come back and update this post with my findings.

      • pedro

        What was your experience like? I am considering enrolling at Galvanize in Seattle

        • Dom

          Hey Pedro,

          So I am officially done with gSchool, and graduated about two months ago. Now I am on the job hunt.

          gSchool (now going by just the parent company name, Galvanize) was an experience I would not have missed out on if I had to do it again.

          In six months, I learned more than I definitely could have on my own. I am pretty amazed with my own ability and skills coming out of the program, and what I can create now. Now that I am on the hunt for a job, I am definitely gaining traction and feel like it is only a matter of time before I land one.

          That being said, the program is not perfect. As only the 2nd cohort in SF, and one of the first cohorts learning newer curriculum ( more JS and Node, less Ruby ), we definitely ran in to pacing and instruction issues.

          Pacing in that when students got behind, either from personal issues preventing them from keeping up or inability to grasp a concept, it was difficult for them to get caught up. The program moves so fast, and if you get lost early or miss out on critical foundations, there’s not much time to back to it because you’re constantly learning new stuff.

          Instruction issues came from our lead instructor being spread too thin. Towards the 2nd half of the program, he was barely giving lectures, instead dealing with admin issues and writing curriculum for future cohorts. He was probably one of the senior most instructors in the Galvanize family, and ended up leaving when our cohort graduated.

          Because of time management and the lead instructor having too much on his plate, I definitely think our cohort suffered a little. Some things that were promised to us never really got fulfilled. We did not get to work on a “company project”, a real world project contracted to the program. We didn’t learn any ReactJS. And we didn’t get a lot of traditional computer science education.

          That being said, the instruction that we did have was of the highest quality. I also believe that Galvanize learned from their mistakes, and have hired a ton of new and quality instructors, at least in San Francisco.

          Overall, my experience was very positive.

          The thing about Galvanize, or any coding school, is that ultimately you are going to get out of it what you put in. You also have to know before you go in that you enjoy writing code and problem solving. If you are wanting to get into the field because of the promise of a high paying job or job security, you may struggle. If you want to go to a bootcamp because you genuinely enjoy sitting at a computer for hours, creating cool things or searching for answers, than you probably will do well. Galvanize will teach you the skills, but you have to have the passion for it.

          One word of caution I would give to you is that the program in Seattle is probably brand new… which means there are likely a lot of kinks that need to get ironed out. We definitely experienced this as only the 2nd cohort in SF, and I heard the cohort before us had even more problems.

          But Galvanize is super unique in respects to a lot of other bootcamps. The environment you are learning in, the coworking space of startups and larger companies, combined with the many many events hosted by Galvanize, really does offer unique networking opportunities. I’ve interviewed with several companies located in the Galvanize SF building, and have made some valuable contacts as well.

          Sorry if that was a little long. The tl;dr is:

          Galvanize(SF) is a great experience and, to me, was worth the money. It offers unique opportunities that other programs cannot match. You definitely need to be sure that web development is what you want to do, however, because six months is a long and tiring (and expensive) commitment. You will get burned out. But you will also learn a ton and have real potential to land a job as a developer.

          My experience is based on Galvanize in San Francisco, and your experience may differ being in Seattle.