Launch Academy full scholarship coding competition

Launch Academy Introduces the First Web Developer Bootcamp Full Scholarship Coding Challenge

Boston, MA. 02/25/2015 – Launch Academy is holding the first ever contest to win a full scholarship to a web developer bootcamp. This is a life changing opportunity to learn the craft of web development for free. The contest runs from 2/25/15 – 3/20/15

Launch Academy is providing a$12,500 full scholarship to attend its 10-week web developer bootcamp in Boston, MA this summer. The first-of-its-kind coding challenge scholarship will also provide a free MacBook Air to ten contest participants.

Launch Academy co-founder Dan Pickett says, “We all spend so much time working, yet so many people hate their jobs! The team at Launch Academy gets out of bed each morning excited to teach our students what we know because we truly love code, and we want our students to love it, too. That’s why, starting today, we’re offering the opportunity for someone to come and learn with us, for free!”

Contest entry is free. Applicants can submit their entry here .

About Launch Academy
Located in Boston, Launch Academy is a premium service provider of non-traditional software developer education. Its flagship program, a 10 week coding bootcamp focusing on Ruby on Rails, has successfully trained hundreds of people to code and has placed over 90% of its graduates in web developer jobs over the last two years.