Dev Bootcamp vs Starter League

“One simplistic answer is that Dev Bootcamp helps people become “Devs” and Starter League helps people become “Starters”. A better answer is to start with a quick description of why Dev Bootcamp Chicago exists: to launch people’s careers in web development. This is the core of our program. It’s rare that we admit anyone who isn’t an aspiring software developer. This narrow focus is one of our ingredients to a successful 2012. The Starter League has a broader audience. They specialize in getting non-technical and semi-technical people started down the path of developing their own apps. Jeff Cohen, the Starter League‘s chief instructor, has a blog titled Zero to One. It’s a perfect name for Jeff’s blog because he loves helping people through that first step (and subsequent steps too), and he’s very good at it. To be admitted to Dev Bootcamp, you need to know enough to know that you’re going to love developing software, and already have a growing passion for the craft. This means they’ve already passed the “Zero to One” stage. We want people further down the technical path because at the end of each boot camp we have a Hiring Day with local, developer-seeking employers. The results have been remarkable thus far, with over 90% of our graduates receiving job offers in the three months after graduation.”

– ┬áDave Hoover’s article “Dev Bootcamp comes to Chicago[komper pid=2,8 category=1]

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