My name is Dmitri and I live in San Francisco, CA. I did not get accepted to App Academy program in November of 2012, so I came up with an idea to create Bootcamps.in allowing potential students to compare programming schools side-by-side.
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Press coverage:

  • This is a terrific resource. It would be great to be able to compare bootcamps based on minimum skill level.

  • Start bootcamps in Europe!

  • guht

    Thanks for putting this website up Dima, it is an awesome resource!

    Originally when I learned of these programming bootcamps I was very excited at the possibility of being totally immersed in a programming culture and geeking out with fellow people aspiring in to break into the tech industry.

    Initially I thought the major obstacles would be coming up with the tuition costs, and relocating to the whatever area the bootcamp was being held in.

    Now I am beginning to feel like the biggest hurdle will be actually getting accepted to one of these schools.

    Some really quick and loose math based on cursory research might go as follows:

    A dozen bootcamps with maybe an average of 30 students, roughly 2x a year, so around 720 available spaces throughout the year, with an acceptance rate of maybe 10-20%?

    My question to you, and others, and perhaps a new opportunity or area of focus for your website, would be your and others experience during the application process and suggestions on how to get accepted?

    I am at a point in life, schooling, and career (or lack thereof as I am currently unemployed with a legacy skill set) that I was really planning to go “ALL IN” with this programming bootcamp idea, and I am a bit dismayed and disheartened at the thought of NOT being accepted or having to wait many months or years to get accepted.

    Advice and strategy appreciated!

    • I know that Hack Reactor (ex Catalyst class) received around 750 applications for 20 spaces. It’s way less than 10% and they are one of the most expensive boot camps nowdays.

  • Cort

    Hello, my name is Cort and I work for Hack Reactor. Is there any way I can email the manager of this site? We’re big fans of your work and we’d like to update our logo and address. Thanks!

  • Joh

    Great site, need to update! For example, Bitmaker labs…now $9000. Boston Startup School – now named Startup Institute, $5,250, is it a “bootcamp”?

  • Little Gatsby

    Thank you for putting together all this information! I really appreciate it.
    Do you by any chance know if there are any bootcamp activities in South Africa?
    That would be great!
    Kind regards from germany

    • Niel

      Let me know if you found a bootcamp in South Africa. I’m also looking for a bootcamp in SA, as most university courses are ineffective, compared to what I’m reading about bootcamps.

      • Arnold GetCertified


        We offer bootcamps in South Africa . Have a look on http://www.getcertified.co.za/bootcamps

      • Moringa School

        Hi Niel! Check out moringaschool.com for bootcamps in Kenya. We are the most effective bootcamp in Africa – with a 95% job placement rate.

    • Arnold GetCertified

      We offer bootcamps in South Africa . Have a look onhttp://www.getcertified.co.za/…

    • Moringa School

      Hello! Check out moringaschool.com for bootcamps in Kenya. We are the most effective bootcamp in Africa – with a 95% job placement rate.

  • coderforrent

    Tried adding Coder Camps multiple times, but I haven’t heard from you.

    • Sorry, I was traveling and just started a new job. I will try to add your info in a week or so.

  • Brent

    Hey, I represent the startup Institute and want to make sure our info is up to date for your site. Who should I get in contact with?

  • Arnold GetCertified


    We are offering bootcamps in South Africa. Have a look: http://www.getcertified.co.za/jobseekersdiploma

  • prasidp

    Hey guys – I work with http://www.Bloc.io – we do an online developer apprenticeship – similar to a bootcamp but delivered online. This is a great resource. I’d love to get Bloc listed.

    • reply

    • Hi, i did receive your application, but at the moment we compare only schools that have a physical location. I will make a modification to comparison script in order to compare web schools and then i will publish info about your school. sorry about that.

  • Chris

    Any chance of comparing the acceptance rates in the reviews? Considering the amount of time spent just to apply to one of these, I’d like to know I have something approaching a chance of getting in.

    • i would love to have it on my site, but i have no idea how to get true stats… I didn’t get into one of the schools because there were 1600 applications for 20 spaces in class. any idea how to get those stats?

      • Chris

        Well, this isn’t what you’d call a scalable solution, but the number of bootcamps out there is relatively low, so it might be possible to just take 20/1600 in this case to get an acceptance rate of 1.25%. It would obviously change with year or cohort, but it’s something at least.

  • lizzy

    i would like to know if anyone did the ruby on the beach in Ecuador??? and how it was????

    • Hey Lizzy

      I sent you a reply up in the discussion, hope you get back to us and say hi.

  • lizzy

    Dear Dmitry i hope u will see this message!! i was wondering if the ruby on the beach course really exists?!
    because i am planning to go, but their website looks a bit weird!!!
    so i am not sure!!!!!

    • Hi Lizzy,
      I haven’t met the founders of this school, so i can’t vouch for them. It’s a new school, so there are no grads. You should contact them and ask them about their credentials and references (for example school owners’ LinkedIn profiles, where you’d be able to connect with their contacts). Act like you are an employer trying to verify a new employee.
      Also just to be safe – do not pre-pay anything, you can always make an electronic payment when you’re there.
      Please post all your findings/experiences to that school’s page.
      Good luck!

    • Hi Lizzy, this is Dan, the founder of Ruby on the Beach. Dimitri is correct, we are a new school. We’d love to meet you online to talk about what we’re doing. But if you’re reading this here, or anyone else who’s interested: I’ve built, run, written curriculum and taught bootcamps going back to 1998, when I was lead on a 14-week bootcamp course that I was part of for 3 years. Previous to that, I’d taught technology at the college/university level for 5+ years.

      In between, I’ve been CTO and founder of startups, a lead dev, consulted with startups and VCs on technology. And more recently, going back to early 2013, I was hired by a prominent bootcamp on the East Coast of the US to write and teach their curriculum through their first couple of cohorts. After that, I left to start Ruby on the Beach.

      I’m a Rails dev, going back 8 years, and I’v been a developer for 20+ years. I’ve assembled a great team, and we’ve built something that addresses the problems that I’ve seen in bootcamps, which we should face it, have their flaws. It’s time for rev 2 of the bootcamp idea, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

      I hope you’ll take the time to contact us, and set up a time to have your questions answered.

  • Nels

    Hi Dmitry,

    Thank you so much for taking the time in creating a website where people, like me, spending massive amounts of time online searching for the right coding bootcamp, can come and find them in a single place. THANKS! Also, having said that, I know of a few ppl, who are interested in these bootcamps, but can’t attend in-person full time due to family committments. I too, cannot quit my job to attend an immersive bootcamp.

    Can you please also include ONLINE providers such as Code School, Code Avengers, Treehouse, BLOC.io, Thinkful etc etc.,. IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL!!!

    Thank you so much Dmitry. Much appreciated :))

    • Hi,
      Yes, I can do it if you’ll help me… It won’t make sense to compare online schols with offline schools… what would be the database structure to compile and compare online schools? Please send me your ideas to info@bootcamps.in

      • Nels

        Hi Dmitry,

        I am not exactly sure on the database structure to implement since I am not aware of what language/framework you used, to design this site. I would suggest you to have it simple, just by adding a tab on “Bootcamps by Focus” next to the big data tab, naming it as “Online Bootcamps”. The popular ones as far as I am aware after Googling, Quora and Reddit are, Code School, Code Avengers, Treehouse, Thinful, BLOC.IO, Tealeaf etc.,

        • No 😉 what i meant is what parameters do you want to use to compare online schools? I am not familiar with them and i am not sure what’s the difference between them. When i learned about offline bootcamps i came up with the idea of how to compare them: for example, if they provide visa or not, if they have discounts or not, do they help with a job search or not. I have a good idea how to find online bootcamps, but i have no idea about criteria of their comparison, except of “focus”, “price”, and “video tutorials”. What else is different between them?

          • Nels

            Oops. Sorry 😀 I would say, the popular parameters would be “price”, code school is like $29/month, BLOC.io averages $4,999. So I guess price would be an excellent parameter. Also, Treehouse helps people in career support whereas Bloc.Io is best suited for entrepreneurs. Thinkful,Bloc, Treehouse are all mentor focused, meaning a mentor works with the student during the program, the parameter being the amount of times that they meet per week. Also General Assembly, has some online offerings as well. These are some of the points, just off my mind 🙂

          • well, we need to think more… offline schools could be compared by about 50 parameters i came up with (and other sites borrowed). So far no one has done a comparison site for online schools, and there is a reason for that.
            Off the top of my head i can come up with
            -financial aid

            What else?

          • Nels

            The fundamental reason people choose Online boot camps are either a) to change careers by gaining new skills b) Improve on already existing skillset. That leaves us with
            1) Target Audience, whether ppl should have some coding exp or are total novices welcome.
            2) Cost ($25 – $4.999)
            3) Mentor-ship (Y/N)
            4) Career Support (resume, interview prep, employers who hire those grads) (Y/N)
            5) Financial aid is mostly negligible to zero for online schools I guess(not like hack reactor, dev bootcamp etc.,)
            6) Reputation and User Reviews (scouting Google, Quora, Reddit etc.,)
            7) Success in the marketplace (Aims achieved)
            8) Faculty reputation rather than pure brand perception of the provider
            9) At the end of the day, it comes down to fit. – meeting alums, discussing user needs etc.,

  • Victoria Kent

    Dima, Ti kakdato dumal nachat svoyu shkollu?

    • Чисто теоретически 😉

      • Victoria Kent

        ti nashol shkolu ili sam reshil uchitsa?

        ya tolka poluchila net ot Hacker Paradise 🙁 v Costa Rica

        • не нашел потому что не искал, и не учусь потому что работаю.

  • Nels

    can you please add thisismetis.com to Big Data? Thanks Dima

  • Dimitri, thank you for putting this great site together. How can I update the content about my Bootcamp http://www.DaVinciCoders.com

  • Jordan Bolton

    Dmitry, really great site you have put together!

    But you missed us! 🙂

    Nation Of Code (www.nationofcode.com) – we are a .NET programming boot camp based in the UK. I would love to have us up on your site, please let me know what information you need from us! Our email is info@nationofcode.com

    Thanks in advance
    Jordan Bolton
    Founder, Nation Of Code

  • Thanks for compiling this site, coding bootcamps are a great way to get started with programming.

    If you are looking to learn to code in London, then look no further:


  • Lemuel Uhuru

    It’s so funny why this site was started, lol. #Respect

  • Vivek S

    The bootcamp that I work has outdated information and needs to be updated ? – Could you let me know what steps I should be taking going forward !

  • Moringa School

    Hello! Check out moringaschool.com for bootcamps in Kenya. We are the most effective bootcamp in Africa – with a 95% job placement rate. 🙂