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Code Chicago is a series of hands-on, 10-12 week gaming, mobile Android, iOS and web (Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript) programming courses held at the Tech & Entrepreneurship Incubator, Blue1647, where every participant will work with one another and join in the spirit of collaboration and learning. It is this aspect of education that we trust would resonate most with our members — and that with an open atmosphere where no question is off limits, we see interesting and inspiring thinking about how to embrace the openness of the web and mobile platform as an opportunity palette — and to really push what might seem conventionally possible with a web browser, and a mobile device having an internet connection. Our sessions are relaxed, and our members in attendance leave being able to approach problems from multiple perspectives and skill-sets — not accepting simple technical limitations as barriers to executing on a vision. At the end of a course, students will have a strong understanding on logic and basic programming syntax and structure as well as will have designed, implemented, and deployed functional web or mobile applications.

The courses are structured to emphasize group collaboration, which is at the very heart of most modern project developments. It’s not only about Ruby on Rails,, Android and iOS programming, it’s also about learning to think critically to solve problems and develop team-building skills, which will be invaluable in your future workplace. Our goal is to familiarize you with the intricacies of these programming platforms, while at the same time, fostering inspirational thinking, which will create future opportunities for you. Code Chicago is not stodgy or static; we are seeking to actively push the boundaries in new and unexpected ways, and we want you to participate. We teach beginners how to create web, gaming, and mobile applications.


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