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DevMountain is an industry-leading code school nestled in the heart of the mid-west. Founded by fellow coders, DevMountain‘s expert faculty love sharing their craft, and empowering the next wave of programers and entrepreneurs. With over 350 graduates and 50 seasoned teachers, DevMountain can truly teach you to code.


– Provo: 560 S. 100 W., Provo, UT 84604
– Salt Lake City: 331 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
– Dallas: 211 N Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75201

Housing is included with immersive (full-time) tuition.



TypeIn class
FocusWeb: Javascript,
Mobile: iOS,
Started in6/13/2013


Length12 weeks
Class size20 people
Sessions per year12
Dedication per week40+ hours (Immersive),
20+ hours (After Hours)
Minimum skill levelNo skills (Web Dev After Hours)
Basic computer skills (iOS, Immersive)
Placement test
Coding challenge
Yes for Immersive
Prep work before classes startYes, 20 hours
In person,


Total Cost

$3,900 UI/UX After Hours
$4,500 iOS After Hours
$4,500 Web After Hours
$8,900 Web Dev Immersive
$8,900 iOS Immersive
Exclusive discount to visitors
Refund (if accepted job through program)No
Financing / ScholarshipYes
After graduation


HousingYes (Immersive only)
Student VisaNo

Phone #(844) 433-8686
Address560 S. 100 W. Provo, Utah 84604
331 S Main St Salt Lake City, UT 84111
211 N Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75201
CityProvo UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Dallas, TX


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  • Ryan

    DevMountain now has locations in Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah. They have also added an iOS development course to their curriculum. They have a blog as well at

  • And now offering a full-time course! Awesome.

  • Danaan Clarke

    I’m a designer at a software company, with no prior development experience. DevMountain gets you coding from week 1 in front end and backend technologies, so you understand how web applications work and have experience doing it all. They give you the tools to decide which area of development you’re good at and enjoy, so you can make a career decision and pursue it. It was awesome. Every night we wrote code with teachers and mentors to help us when we got stuck, giving you context that online tutorials can’t match. Can’t recommend these guys enough.

  • ean

    Everything about the DevMountain experience was positive. If you’re looking to go into web development I would highly recommend. They teach full stack JavaScript development which is great! I received such a deep understanding of everything from writing nodeJS servers to building out AngularJS apps. It was amazing.

  • Pablo Arcia

    I love DevMountain! This is where I really learned programming. I did the part-time class this last summer and it has changed my life! I was working in a call center and I hated every minute of it. I really disliked talking to dumb people all day long and trying to fix their issues. I was looking for a way out and I found it through DevMountain. After completing the 12 week bootcamp, I was hired as a software engineer at a local startup. Now I look forward to going to work and develop my skills. If you are looking to change careers or just get better at JavaScript, you cannot pass up on the chance to attend DevMountain.

  • I will always be a DevMountaineer. I did the iOS Development course over the summer and i will never regret my decision. If you’re considering a change of career or just develop a new talent you should definitely check DevMountain out. You will never find such a good quality bootcamp at their prices.

  • Ben Callis

    I would and have recommended DevMountain to anyone looking to make a career/life change. All of the teachers and mentors were extremely helpful, and still continue to help me today. The courses are difficult but thats just the nature of the industry. The help you’ll get at DevMountain truly is unparalleled to anything else out there.

  • James Walsh

    What can I say about DevMountain? I graduated earlier this week, and already have a few job offers that I am deciding between! June of this year, I had no coding experience, and DevMountain helped create a junior developer out of me. Don’t get me wrong, this course is difficult. It was extremely rigorous, and every week I felt pushed to do better and better. Because its only 12 weeks, I am glad they pushed me as hard as they did. DevMountain teaches a full JavaScript Stack (Angular and Node). Because of this, it helped solidify a deep understanding of how JavaScript inherently works. Which was great for me, because now I am learning Ruby, and a lot of the concepts and programming ideas I learned, are transferring right over. This is evidence enough to suggest that DevMountain teaches you not just how to program, but how to problem solve.

  • Mitch D

    Exactly what I was looking for. I had no previous coding experience and wanted a program that gave me a solid foundation, front to back. By the end of 12 weeks I didn’t know everything, but I knew how to figure it out and had a handful of in class projects I worked on that have been really helpful. I never thought that after three months I’d be saying I made an app using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular and Firebase.

  • Peter Johnson

    DevMountain was epic. I’m currently a finance student at BYU and last semester I decided to enroll in DevMountain’s webdev course to get a leg up on all of my peers in understanding the language of the web and being able to create the apps I wanted to, rather than just dreaming about making them. I have had tens of the smartest, most ambitious guys on campus tell me they are jealous of my decision to take the course and that if they could do things over, they would have done the same. DevMountain has already opened up a lot of doors for me and I’m stoked on my decision to learn there. Great people running the bootcamp too.

    • Yousuf Daramay

      I know this post was like two years ago but please I have a few questions. How was the job opportunity for you? Did it help you lend a job quickly after graduation? I plan on enrolling this summer.

      • Peter

        I actually never used my knowledge from DevMountain to get a job. I’m still in school actually for another 2 weeks, but have been working on my dev skills all the while. By August I expect to have a full time job doing iOS Dev. In other words though, I’m probably not the best person to ask that question to. I know there are plenty of people who were able to get jobs after their time with DevMountain though. Good luck!

  • Fumiko Richards

    I wanted to change dirction in my career and become a web developer. I was a senior quality assurance specialist when I enrolled.

    DevMountain has a well developped curriculum that helps you to maximize your learning trajectory as long as you work hard. All instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.

    Trying to balance my full time work that required me to work more than 50 hours/week and getting homework done was challenging. However, Since I enjoyed learning programming so much, I did not regret my decision to attend Devmountain.

    Now I am a full time developer and loving my life!

  • Ty Frith

    I just finished up the immersive web development course last week and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The course was very challenging, and there was no shortage of frustration while learning, but talk to ANYONE with coding experience and they will say that it’s a necessary evil. I can’t believe how much I learned in a quick 3 months. Comparing my skill set before and after the cohort is a joke! All the hard work most definitely payed off. I can’t stress enough how awesome the DevMountain experience was, go for it!

  • Erik

    I was part of the latest full time web dev cohort (Jan – Mar 2015). We had a great group of students and instructors. Before this I was working in a software company providing product support. I had been trying to learn to code over the past three years but decided I needed an immersive experience. I can safely say I learned far more in 12 weeks at Devmountain than in the previous 3 years of self study.

    I had no previous Javascript experience before Devmountain and now I can build a full stack app (including API endpoints and a database on the backend). They cover front and back end Javascript (namely angularJS on the front end and nodeJS on the backend) so you will have a chance to figure out which area you like more (I prefer back end js).

    The building they are in is really cool (its a former candy factory built in the 1800s). There is a ton of space and you can go there any time of day to code (I spent most of my nights coding in the loft).

    I highly recommend Devmountain. No matter where you are in terms of education or career it will equip you to build something useful

  • Evan Palsson

    DevMountain provided a great foundation into the world of coding. The atmosphere was relaxed and generally a fun place to hang around. Twelve weeks went by way too quickly, which is a good thing. This means you are being challenged and learning something new each and every day. You get out of the course what you put in. I had zero coding experience prior to going through this course, but now I can create web applications in a just a few days that would have taken years if I tried learning on my own. I highly recommend this program if you are looking to break away from your current career path.

  • Brandon Kent

    I just finished the full-time immersive web development cohort last month, and my experience at DevMountain was such a huge positive. My wife and I with our two sons sold our house in Phoenix, AZ to come up to Provo so I could do the DevMountain immersive web program. Being up at DevMountain was awesome. It is such a unique environment with a powerful atmosphere that is centered around learning how to code. I learned so much during those 3 months, typed my fingers to the bone, came out with a bunch of new skills, and was able to kickstart a brand new career as a software engineer. If you have any interest in learning how to code, DevMountain is the best place to learn, would recommend to anyone.

  • Mike Slayer

    I love DevMountain. I was in the Immersive Web Dev cohort at the beginning of this year and I am so happy about my decision. The learning environment is designed to keep you engaged and moving forward. Around every corner is a new challenge but the mentors and instructors provide plenty of positive reinforcement. These guys taught me how to write code, but more importantly, they taught me how to learn new technologies. I now feel like I stand a chance in an industry that’s constantly changing.

    There are many ways one can learn to code. But because of DevMountain, in three months I was able to learn a MEAN stack, build my own applications, make some amazing friends, and get into an entry level position at an awesome tech startup. Keep in mind six months ago I was making minimum wage as barista, without a degree…

  • Ryan Schweitzer


  • Page Garner

    When I came to DevMountain I was completely new to coding. I had been waiting tables and teaching fitness classes… I have never been to college either. I was nervous I would be lagging behind in the classes. But No, after the first week it felt like everyone was in the same boat. The work was very challenging but the mentors were there to answers my questions and guide me along. Now, at the end of the course I am in shock at the amount of knowledge I gained at DevMountain. I now feel confident in my abilities and capable of getting a job.

    Some of the things I learned here:










    A bit of React


    One of the reasons I choose DevMountain was the location. It wasn’t SF or NYC… I knew that I would be able to focus on the work in a quieter location. Also, Provo is surrounded by mountains, lakes and a ton of fun places to explore. Environment is everything for me and it has been great.

    The town is mostly mormon, which I thought could be a little weird. But besides the fact that everything is closed on Sundays … all is normal, maybe even better than normal.

    They include housing for out of states students which is amazing! The housing, gym, train and closest grocery store are all within a mile away. I didn’t have a car and I was completely ok.

    Basically, I loved it. One of the best decisions of my life. Its worth the money and time. Do it.

  • Zac Anger

    DevMountain was a great experience. I learned more here, faster, than I could’ve in probably two years on my own, and came out of it making about twice what I was making before, doing something I love. The only downside is that (when I went, over winter 2015-2016) the curriculum badly needed to be updated and made consistent. I’ve heard from later cohorts that they’ve put a lot of effort into that, though. I’d definitely recommend this place over just about any other bootcamp (I did my research beforehand and ruled out all others except for HackReactor and DevLeague).

  • Bob Cook

    This was the best learning experience that I’ve ever had. Anybody who is willing to go in and work hard and put in all the extra time necessary should benefit from this course. Oh, and I got a job!

  • Nic

    I looked into a dozen other boot camps before deciding to go to DevMountain and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Less than a month after graduating I got a job offer at an awesome company and couldn’t believe how much had learned in those short 12 weeks. DevMountain is the boot camp you are looking for.

  • Steve McGee

    Kind of long but my honest thoughts…
    I was studying web development on my own every evening and with my brother every weekend (driving 2.5 hours to do it) and it was definitely slow going. I was seriously looking for a faster way and found coding bootcamps were becoming really popular. I talked about it with my brother and he said that if he were in my shoes and had the opportunity to do it he would definitely go because what I was doing was the “slow boat to China!”
    One, in particular, caught my eye. DevMountain in Provo, Utah had housing included! That was my ticket. Without the housing included I just wouldn’t have been able to afford it all. Also, not only is DevMountain NOT the slow boat, it is a fast-paced, information-fire-hosed-in-the-face kind of learning that I would never have thought could teach me much. Can that kind of learning actually stick? Well, it does, but it is all up to you. Seriously. At DevMountain you learn then do, then learn more, then do more, and build on what you learned and did, and do some more… Non-stop! But that is the secret sauce. The idea of “learn a little and do something with it” really helps it stick in there somewhere.
    Then there is the fact that you have a Mentor instructor there all the time. Get stuck, can’t find an answer fairly quickly on Google, or elsewhere, call over your Mentor and he/she will walk you through figuring out your problem and then you’re off to the races again. You definitely learn a lot here. But it also comes at a price. That price is diligence, hard work, long hours coding. I generally arrived at the school between 7:30 and 8am (turned on the lights) and didn’t leave until sometime between 10 and midnight. And no, I wasn’t the brightest one there just because I had a good work ethic. Everyone is different and that is just what it took for me.
    There is another price… when you’re done with the 12-week bootcamp you are NOT done. Nope. You need to keep building projects and don’t stop until you have a full-time dev job and don’t have time to do little projects. But I’ll bet that if you truly love to code, you will still be building your own little projects even then. Also, don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is a magic tunnel into an awesome web dev job. It is definitely a path to that industry, but realize that it will still take time and work to get there. It took me just over 4 months to get a dev job after graduating from DevMountain. But I think I could have been ready sooner if I had diligently kept building something new all the time, which I struggled with.
    So take a deep look at yourself, see if coding is truly what you want to do and if that kind of dedication is within you. Realize that a coding bootcamp is a place to launch yourself, not a place to be given anything. You will earn every bit of knowledge and skill you come out of there with.
    Go forth, and build something awesome!