Dojo Dev Camp

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The Dojo Dev Camp is one of few bootcamps in the U.S. that offer an accelerated Python program. They chose Python because it’s becoming an industry standard for many popular applications like Google, DropBox, Pinterest, Quora, and more. Our program is 9 weeks long, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and is centered around “doing” instead of just reading and memorizing.

By the end of this program graduates will have over 360 hours of coding experience, an online portfolio of projects & a unique network of tech professionals.

This bootcamp offers both beginner (15 hrs/wk) and intermediate courses with full and part-time schedules (20 and 40 hrs/wk).
Current programs specialize in Back-End training in Python with additional web development training in GIT, JIRA, Pycharm; Cloud Computing (Google App Engine & Heroku), REST, Configuration Management (Test driven development, Agile Software development, etc.) and an introduction to Front-End Development (HTML5, CSS 2/3, and Javascript).

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