Scale School

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San Antonio-based Scale has reinvented college computer science to graduate the world’s best software engineers. Their innovative model provides students with both top-notch programming skills and a broad theoretical computer science foundation. Scale is two years long and tuition is $100 per month

The Scale curriculum is a full-time program designed to be completed in two years. Students progress through four Curriculum Phases: Computer Science Fundamentals, Web Development, Mobile Development, and an Independent Project (IP).

The program is designed so that computer science theory is taught and internalized by the students as a central component in solving the challenges.

At the end of each Curriculum Phase, students must pass a board of experts to proceed to the next phase. Think of the board process like this: defense of a graduate thesis meets a technical interview.

After completing all four Curriculum Phases, each student receives a Scale Certification and graduates from the program.

Phase I – Computer Science Foundations using Linux & C
Phase II – Web Development using Javascript, Python, MVC
Phase III – Mobile Development using Swift on iOS
Phase IV – Independent Project (IP)

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