Hack Reactor

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San Francisco-based Hack Reactor (formerly known as “Catalyst Class”) is a 12 weeks long programming boot camp. Learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more during 800 hours of classroom instruction, projects, and hands-on learning.

Our Goal: You come to Hack Reactor excited and ready to work hard. Twelve weeks later, you stumble out the front door exhausted, amazed with yourself and your portfolio, and completely prepared for your first entry-level developer position.

The Curriculum: Web application development is in the midst of a revolution, and our curriculum is based on the new status quo for web apps: rich, interactive, and built in Javascript. (Read more about this new paradigm in our blog post, “How Our Students Build Apps”.) You’ll build applications that run in the browser using Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and server-side components in Javascript and Ruby on Rails. You’ll learn the developer tools and practices that you’ll use in the workplace, like git and test-driven development.
The Schedule: Hack Reactor runs from 9am to 8pm, six days a week. Days alternate between structured introductions to projects/exercises and all-day hackathons where you complete the previous day’s projects and code on whatever else interests you.

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