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San Francisco-based Hack Reactor (formerly known as “Catalyst Class”) is a 12 weeks long programming boot camp. Learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more during 800 hours of classroom instruction, projects, and hands-on learning.

Our Goal: You come to Hack Reactor excited and ready to work hard. Twelve weeks later, you stumble out the front door exhausted, amazed with yourself and your portfolio, and completely prepared for your first entry-level developer position.

The Curriculum: Web application development is in the midst of a revolution, and our curriculum is based on the new status quo for web apps: rich, interactive, and built in Javascript. (Read more about this new paradigm in our blog post, “How Our Students Build Apps”.) You’ll build applications that run in the browser using Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and server-side components in Javascript and Ruby on Rails. You’ll learn the developer tools and practices that you’ll use in the workplace, like git and test-driven development.
The Schedule: Hack Reactor runs from 9am to 8pm, six days a week. Days alternate between structured introductions to projects/exercises and all-day hackathons where you complete the previous day’s projects and code on whatever else interests you.

Hack Reactor


FocusJavascript, ,
Started in2012


Length12 weeks
Class size16+16 people
Sessions per year8
Dedication per week70 hours
Minimum skill levelJr. Developer,
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes startYes, around 80-100h through
CodeAcademy and
In person


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to Bootcamps.in visitors
Refund (if accepted job through program)N/A
Financing / Scholarshipcase by case


Hiring day
Student VisaNo


Phone #???
Address703 Market St. Suite 1700
CitySan Francisco, CA


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  • DizzyDi

    Really legit place with helpful people

  • Cort

    Hey, great website. Would you mind updating our address (944 Market Street, 8th Floor, 94102) and our logo? Thanks!

  • Woon Ket Wong

    Hack Reactor offered me the best education and work experience I have ever had. Throughout the 12 weeks program, I was put in a high energy environment where I learned and worked with smart people. During the project period, I was guided by experienced industry veterans. Some of them are technical book writer and frequent conference speaker. I would recommend this program to everyone who is interested in learning programming and building web application.

  • googamanga

    I’mm a graduate of hack reactor, paid $17,000. 3 and half months later i’m getting over 6 figures. Everyone I know in my class is doing the same. I know some that got 150k.

    At the time i graduated 98% of students got hired.

    I recommend Hack Reactor to everyone I know, and go to their hiring events every time to find engineers for the company i currently work at.

  • BiggerNick

    I couldn’t be happier with the education I received from Hack Reactor. Over the past 12 weeks I’ve spent, on average, 13+ hours per day learning and coding Javascript. From the quality of their lectures to the open work environment, the Hack Reactor staff have thought of everything. I’m constantly amazing at the quality of projects students develop after only 12 weeks of instruction.

    If you’re considering a coding bootcamp, Hack Reactor should be at the top of your list.

  • Michelle C.

    I was originally hesitant to attend the bootcamp, especially with the price tag. I had enough saved up to attend the bootcamp but I was worried about affording to live in San Francisco. Luckily, I took the leap (and I’m 100% sure I made the right choice!).

    I paid off the tuition with my savings and I crowdfunded a loan using WeFinance.co for my living expenses. Best (and toughest) 3 months of my life.

    The people there were great, I learned a lot, and they have an AMAZING network. When people refer to it as the “Harvard of coding bootcamps” it’s not an understatement. People who attend basically have their choice of jobs.

    If you’re on the fence, make the jump.