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San Francisco – based  Hackbright Academy Programming Fellowship a 10 week  Python programming boot camp designed to help women become awesome programmers. We teach the fundamentals of modern web development, then introduce you to Silicon Valley companies looking to expand their engineering teams. There a couple of opportunities to receive discounts or do the program for free. Hackbright Academy also offers a payment plan, with interest, for those who cannot afford the cost of the program up front.

Currently, Hackbright Academy is accepting applications for future classes. If you are interviewed and admitted, the student can pay $10k up front for tuition. If the student needs a finance plan, it’s $6k up front and $7k paid over 18 months after completion of the program (that’s $13k). If hired by a partner company, student is reimbursed $4500 of tuition.

100% program completion rate of admitted students
90% placement rate (into software engineering jobs)


Hackbright Academy


TypeIn Class (for women only)
Started in2012


Length10 weeks
Class size???
Sessions per year1
Dedication per week40 hours
Minimum skill levelBasic computer skills
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes start??


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to Bootcamps.in visitors
Refund (if accepted job through program)$4,500
Financing / ScholarshipYes, $6k up front
and $7k paid over
18 months after
completion of the program
PaymentsUpfront, Monthly


Student VisaNo


Phone #??
Address683 Sutter Street
CitySan Francisco


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  • beyonsense

    1/15/13 is the last day to apply for winter session

  • michelleglauser

    Yes, I’ve blogged quite a bit about my experience with Hackbright. http://michelleglauser.blogspot.com/search?q=Hackbright

    I just started making a spreadsheet just like what you’re doing. Honestly, I like yours better in how it looks, but mine shows the info side-by-side with the titles, making it a little easier. But I’m definitely going to link to this site because you have done a wonderful job. Thanks!

    • Mine can show boot camps side by side. it just not too easy to use as it is. Look at the top right corner bellow the search field, there is another search. Type letter “a” (or any other) and you’ll see the list of boot camps. choose 2-3 boot camps and compare them side by side. I am planning to improve comparison process, but since i am not a programmer, it goes really slow.

  • Mr. Reason

    Too bad it’s sexist. Nothing liberating about that. 🙁

    • What? I don’t get you. There are plenty of programs for men, and there are a bunch of men working at Hackbright Academy. Just because it’s designed to help women enter a field in which they are a minority doesn’t mean it’s sexist.

  • Duvelza Saenz

    How do I get this kind of training if I am unable to travel?
    Texas Girl!

  • Will

    My girlfriend is applying here and to dev bootcamp. Anyone know the acceptance rate?

  • saladlamp .

    I really like the idea of the fellowship, but they seem to have some administrative problems. I emailed them for more information about the program, and they told me there was an upcoming seminar I could attend to get all my questions answered. I attended the online seminar, and there was no way to ask questions. You could only enter questions in chat. I entered a bunch of questions and the moderator told me to contact admissions via email. (Round and round we go.) I contact admissions again via email, and they sent me info about the next seminar where I could get all my questions answered 🙁