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San Francisco-based Holberton Schoolis a project-based alternative to college for the next generation of software engineers. Holberton School offers a two-year higher-education program to become a full-stack software engineer. Through project-based and peer learning, Holberton students unleash their creativity and naturally learn how to work as a team to solve practical challenges. Software engineering is a creative and exciting enterprise. Our curriculum is 100% hands-on, challenging and exciting. Holberton students create many programs and systems; they work on industry-level projects and build their own applications.


Holberton School is the first school in the World to be fully community-driven. What that means is:

0. No formal teachers, but industry specialists
1. The curriculum is ALWAYS evolving, based in feedbacks from our mentors
2. We have real-life specialists of every field supporting the curriculum and our students (including Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, IoT, Security, Mobile, …)

Holberton School has today more than 150 mentors, software engineers working at Uber, Google, Apple, CTO of IBM and founder of Docker, Yahoo!, Alta Vista, etc…
Our presentations, talks, keynotes and fireside chats with mentors are always open to the community, and anyone can join, whether or not a student at Holberton.

Learn How to Learn

As the world changes faster and faster, nobody knows what will be required a few years from now. Instead of teaching specific programming languages or tools that will probably be outdated by the time our students graduate, we teach problem solving. Students learn whatever they need to learn to solve software engineering challenges.

No Upfront Tuition

We believe that people from every community and background should have the opportunity to become a software engineer. That is why there is no upfront cost to join Holberton School. We only charge a percentage of students’ internship salary and salary once they find a job. If our students don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. If more school would adopt our model, we could solve the students’ loan crisis that has become one of the biggest threats to the US economy.

The admission process

Most of the time, admission process consists in filling a form and pray to be accepted. We took a totally different route, where students need to be active and solve small and fun challenges first, before moving on to a project. The challenges are not hard, but take a lot of time, and it is our way to select motivated students. We do not care about your social status or your IQ, what we care about is your motivation. Because we received thousands of applications every month when we first announced the school, we had to automate everything and we built an infrastructure that could launch secured containers and Virtual Machines at will, so that students could work on, with the full experience of what it means to work in a Linux machine (vs funny javascripts programs that you can see online).

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