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Code Fellows offers full and part-time web and mobile development courses in Seattle, WA. Code Fellows provides diverse training methods that include tech talks, pair programming, lectures, and solo project work with extensive access to instructors and teaching assistants. Classes start with the one-day Code 101 workshop in which prospective students explore the world of software development and build a website.

The full course listing is Code 201: Foundations of Software Development, Code 301: Intermediate Software Development, and Code 401: Advanced Software Development. Code 401 students can study Full-Stack JavaScript, Python, or iOS.

Full time classes are four weeks (Code 201 and Code 301) or 10 weeks (Code 401). Students attend classes from 9 am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Part time classes are 8 weeks (Code 201 and Code 301) or 20 weeks (Code 401). Students meet Monday through Thursday evenings, 6:30pm – 9:30pm, and one full weekend day, 9am to 6pm. Each course includes project weeks, with professional development curriculum and job search assistance included in all Code 401 programs.

Graduates have a 95% successful placement rate, and as of September 2016, over 650 students had graduated from Code Fellows’ advanced training course.

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Code Fellows


(Day, Nights
& Weekends options)
Started in2013


Length10 weeks
Class size20 -30 people
Sessions per yearVaries
Dedication per weekVaries per Course
(40+hr/week in Daytime Track,
20+ hr /week in Nights & Weekends Track)
Minimum skill levelVaries per course
Placement test
Coding challenge
Varies per course
Prep work before classes startYes
10 hours


Total Cost

Code 101: $99;
Code 201: $3,500;
Code 301: $4,500;
Code 401: $12,000
Exclusive discount to visitorsNo
Refund (if accepted job through program)No
Financing / ScholarshipYes
Deposit10% of tuition
(scholarships & student loans available)


Student VisaNo

Phone #206-681-9318
Address2901 3rd Ave., #300,
Seattle WA 98121
City Seattle. WA 98109



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  • Robert Jones

    So from the research I had done, Code Fellows seems to be the best-known in the Seattle area.

    Although I looked pretty closely at Code Fellows and even got admitted, I ended up choosing – an online bootcamp that allowed me to continue working while going through the program.

    I just finished Bloc about two weeks ago and am going through their job prep program right now, working 1-on-1 with their CTO doing practice technical interviews.

    I’d say that the best part of my Bloc experience was the feeling of finishing a web app or site and moving on to the next one. The feeling of “I did this!” And then the being able to create a solid portfolio that shows the work that you’ve done, its just really gratifying and useful. In fact, that’s actually why I chose Bloc. I wanted to be able to come out with all the knowledge I’d need for a RoR job, but also be able to show what I could do becuase that’s a big part of getting a good job.

    I also really liked Bloc’s mentorship aspect because I know that going in I had a ton of questions. Before I enrolled in Bloc’s Full Stack course I was teaching myself Ruby on Rails for about 4 months. But as I messed around with the LAMP stack I was also trying to improve my CSS/HTML skills. So having someone help me break down each of the languages and frameworks I realized where my gaps in knowledge were and what I really needed help with. My mentor, John, was just really helpful, and had a lot of information. If there were things I didn’t know the answers to, we would look it up and solve it together.