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Bitmaker Labs is an immersive 9-week Ruby on Rails training program located in Toronto, Canada. Tuition is $7,000 for 40 hours per week of structured instruction and mentorship. In addition to this, students have access to instructors, facilitators, mentors, and all other members of the Bitmaker Labs network outside of those 40 hours, meaning that learning does not end when class ends. The expectation is that students will put in about 70-80 hours per week of total time working on their skills. The program is designed around the idea that deep and focused practice is the key to developing real talent.

Instruction and mentorship is delivered by experienced web developers who are experts in their field. Outside of teaching, these individuals make a living running successful software companies and building applications for a variety of clients using bleeding edge technologies. The program teaches students HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Test Driven Development, GitHub, as well as the other fundamentals of web development.

Bitmaker Labs focuses on employability and craftsmanship. The goal of the program is to place students in jobs by ensuring they have a fundamental understanding of software and the principles used to create it. The learning environment and teaching methods at Bitmaker Labs are structured in a way that focuses on getting students up the learning curve as quickly as possible. Through a combination of demonstrations, pair programming, group exercises, application building, one-on-one mentorship, hackathons, and constant communication between students and facilitators, we provide a superior experience compared to traditional, lecture based education.

You don’t need to have any previous programming experience to be successful in the 9-week program. You just need a great work ethic, a genuine interest in learning web development, and a positive attitude. A complete beginner can become a skilled entry-level web developer in 9 weeks with the guidance and support this program offers.

If you have any questions about the program, email

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