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HackerYou offers Toronto‘s best full- and part-time courses for people who want to learn to code. HackerYou is ideal for people looking to climb the corporate ladder, upgrade their skills, or start a new career. The program focuses on hands-on, project-based learning from industry-leading professionals with small classes and a 10:1 ratio of students to instructors.

The part-time courses HackerYou offers are:

– Web Development Fundamentals and Advanced Web Development
– JavaScript Fundamentals and Advanced JavaScript
– UX Design Fundamentals and Advanced UX Design
– Full-Stack Masterclass

Most part-time courses run for 6 weeks and are either offered in the evenings twice a week, or once a week on weekends. The Full-Stack Masterclass runs for 9 weeks.

HackerYou also offers a full-time Front-End Web Development Immersive bootcamp designed to prepare students to become professional front-end web developers or full-time freelance developers in 9 weeks. Students will learn HTML5 & CSS3, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery, API, and React as well as non-technical skills. For the aspiring freelancers in the group, we cover personal branding, finding and managing clients, and growing their business. For the job seekers, it’s all about crafting a technical resume, nailing an interview, and negotiating their salary. HackerYou’s CEO also works directly with every bootcamp graduate to help them find their first job out of bootcamp. By the end of nine weeks with us, students have a great website and portfolio, and the knowledge, tools and skills needed to take charge of their career.

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