Ruby on the Beach

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Ruby on the Beach builds your development skills from the ground up, so you can create your own projects, transition from front-end oriented work in HTML/CSS, or become a junior developer. And you can do it in an environment designed to promote focus by avoiding burnout, keeping you an effective and efficient learner.

And, you’ll be one of just 10 students, to 3 instructors: the best ratio in the bootcamp sector, and a key factor in ensuring you progress as well and as quickly as you’d expect.

For 9 weeks you’re provided accommodation and membership in our top-line co-work space. On course, you’ll receive intensive instruction and guidance, while still maintaining a great work/life balance. No commutes, no snow: accommodation is an easy walk from our teaching centers. No hassles: we can manage most aspects of life like laundry, meals, events and excursion travel, so you just apply yourself to coding. No lack of things to do: Bali is one of the most engaging and relaxing places anywhere.

Bali, is one of the most beautiful, relaxing and engaging places anywhere on earth. And before you ask, we subsidize your travel to and from site by as much as $1000US. We chose Bali because it’s one of the places we can build an environment that allow you to be completely focused while you’re on course.

It’s also a mecca for digital nomads, those who build and maintain apps remotely and entrepreneurs who take advantage of the internet-granted ability to be effective anywhere. You’ll meet and be inspired by these developers; and post-course, our industry web will connect you to recruiters and developers that can guide your employment search.

Our Instructors

It’s hard to stay connected to the current practices of the development community, once teaching is
your career. That’s why our instructors are picked from industry, which they return to. Instructors
are supported by a highly developed curriculum and innovative teaching techniques born of 16+ years of teaching and curriculum development. So their current knowledge can be most effectively communicated and contextualized. And students can continue to use the curriculum long after their courses end.

We know that much of the integration of skills happens after the intensive instruction, and that
the 3-6 months after the course is crucial: so each 4 week module includes a 3-month mentorship with
scheduled interaction with instructors, providing code review and project guidance. The typical 9 week
course provides 6 months of mentorship, aimed at completing projects, building skills and keeping you

Where other bootcamps have been in a frenzy to copy and clone each other, Ruby on the Beach has
dedicated itself to being bootcamp’s next revision. And just as we aren’t like all other bootcamps, our candidates have to be special too, to make the cut. Visit us – we’re ready to start the conversation to
answer any other questions you have.

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