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Coder Foundry is a 12 week onsite coding academy with focus on .NET, MVC, C#, and AngularJS.

Coder Foundry has two programs, one for beginners looking to break into the industry with the right skills to land their first job. Coder Foundry has a Master program for seasoned professionals looking to update their skill set with Microsoft centric technologies that comes with a job placement guarantee. Our college-level professor and professional coders lead the instruction and teach you the skills while a full time job placement agent lands you the dream job.

Perfect for Beginners, Entrepreneurs, Designers, & Seasoned Professionals looking for a dedicated team to get them to the next step in their career.

Coder Foundry


TypeIn class
Focus.NET, MVC,
C #,
Started in2014


Length12 weeks
Class size15
Sessions per year4
Dedication per week40 to 50 hours
Minimum skill levelMaster Class for
Advanced Beginners
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes startYes


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to visitors
Refund (if accepted job through program)Yes
Financing / Scholarship through Climb
PaymentsDepends on Financing


Student VisaNo

Phone #336-231-8632
Address1231 Shields Road, Suite 5
Kernersville, NC 27310
CityGreensboro, NC


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  • Lawrence Reaves

    Questions? contact us at
    we have financing options and guaranteed job placement services

  • Chris Zepkowski

    Coder Foundry has been such a valuable and enjoyable experience learning .NET, C#, MVC, SQL, and more, so far. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful in so many ways. There is nothing more valuable than hands-on, workshop style setting classes that incorporate important insight into what companies are looking for when hiring employees. Everyone at Coder Foundry is very helpful, and the one on one time with either the instructors or developers is always available. For anyone interested in learning this particular skill set, there is no better place than Coder Foundry for wisdom, job preparation, and most importantly, career opportunities.

  • Chris Cain

    With Coder Foundry, you get more personal attention than you’d ever get at a university. Whereas you have limited office hours available for a professor at a university (often overlapping with other classes you might be taking), you get access to an instructor and several mentors throughout an entire working day at Coder Foundry. This gives you immediate access to many different founts of knowledge, which can be important if you’re stuck on a problem or even just curious about an approach. At graduation, Coder Foundry recruiters placed me into my current job.

  • Tom Parish

    As a recent college graduate with degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science, my greatest concern was that the education I received had not prepared me for the marketplace in my immediate area. With a great deal of theory, but very little practical programming experience, I did not feel as competitive as I could be as a job seeker. Coder Foundry offers practical experience and intensive training in a wide variety of powerful languages, platforms and tools. Professor Jensen developed an exceptional curriculum, and the fact that he has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and several years teaching experience is especially appealing to me. Very few programs I looked into offered the kind of academic rigor and programming experience I desired. As if that wasn’t enough, Coder Foundry also offers guaranteed job placement services for its Master class students. What more could you ask for?

  • Chad Carico

    When I started looking at coding schools I wanted to make sure it would provide hands-on training. The Coder Foundry has a college-level, onsite professor and professional mentors to help when I have questions. Online classes cannot offer that personalized attention. I’ve been in the photography business for over 10 years and I wanted to make a career change. Not only will I get the skills necessary but I will also have Coder Foundry’s recruiters identify job opportunities. It’s a win-win!!

  • Adam Eury

    I completed the Summer Master Program focused on .Net. I chose Coder Foundry after recently completing a computer science graduate program at UNC-G. I was placed into a corporate development job upon completion of the Coder Foundry program. I was very satisfied with my experience here and the fact that they worked with me to locate a job that i am very excited about.

  • Charles Miller

    I took the Master Class in July 2014 at Coder Foundry. It turned out to be a great experience for me. The job placement services and job support was excellent. As a result of the program I now have exactly the type of coding job I was hoping to get when I started. The program definitely worked out good for me.

  • Courtney Jensen

    I took the apprentice class. learned so much. I studied the tutorial information that Coder Foundry supplied for a month before the class started. The apprentice class does start from a more basic approach than the master class, but it still requires an understanding of basic coding concepts. I had done some coding prior to the class and this background helped greatly. The apprentice course does cover a lot, and it is an aggressive curriculum for the 12 weeks. Be prepared to put a lot of time in. It takes a lot of time out of the classroom as well. The instructors and mentors would spend extra time with us one on one and that helped greatly. I am pursuing coding and feel like with this class I am prepared to do the Master class now and i am actively coding projects now.

  • Chris Mohan

    I had a great experience at Coder Foundry. I had work experience as a .Net developer in Washington D.C. for years, but I felt stagnant in my job. I went looking for an advanced .Net boot camp and immediately liked the idea of Coder Foundry’s Master Class. The coursework was certainly in line with my expectations, and the job placement assistance was wonderful — their office listened to what I wanted in a career and helped get me interviews in companies that aligned with that. I am pleased to say that I had a job before I graduated! I would definitely recommend the Coder Foundry Master Class to other .Net coders that want to get a leg up on the competition and refresh their job path to advance themselves and move forward.

    • I am an Admin of and this review is probably false. Here is an email i received today and i am willing to investigate it

  • Abigail West

    I attended the Master class in winter of 2016, with more emphasis on the ‘beginner’ part of advanced beginner. The course was consistently challenging, and paced well to keep ramping up challenges without dumping you into the deep end. The one-on-one instructor relationship and collaboration with classmates is such a benefit! Their portfolio structure not only gives you something to show potential employers, but gives you the satisfaction of completing an application from the ground up. CF’s job preparation was invaluable, and resulted in much greater confidence once I was in the job search process. I got my current job (which I love) because of CF’s job placement services. Several coworkers have been surprised to hear that I’ve been coding for less than a year – CF not only gave me a strong foundation of knowledge, they taught me skills to keep learning and improving.