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The Insight Data Science Fellows Program is a postdoctoral training fellowship that bridges the gap between academia and data science. Insight is a six week, intensive program that teaches researchers how to apply their existing analytical skills to big data. The program consists of a project-based, industry-driven learning approach designed to train academics in many of the cutting edge data science tools and practices used in industry.

The Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program is a full-time, 6 week professional fellowship based in the San Francisco Bay Area that helps engineers, computer scientists, and other quantitative PhD’s leverage their existing software development skills to transition to a career in big data engineering. As an Insight Fellow you will receive a full tuition scholarship, making the program completely tuition free. Desk space at our office is also included for the duration of the program. Finally, need-based living expense scholarships are available.

During the first week of the program, you are introduced to the field of data engineering and participate in round-table discussions with leading industry data infrastructure engineers from mentoring companies, learning about tools, techniques and best practices while brainstorming possible data engineering projects. By the end of the first week, with the input of the mentors and peers, you will decide on a data engineering problem you will solve in the subsequent weeks: most likely this will be building a reliable, distributed, scalable data pipeline that extracts data from various sources, transforms it, and makes it readily available for analysis

Here’s what you need to know about the Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program in a nutshell:

  • 6 week, full-time, professional data engineering training fellowship in Silicon Valley, California
  • Tuition free program, with need-based travel and living expense scholarships available.
  • Self-directed, project-based learning (no classes!) under the guidance of top industry data engineer mentors
  • Alumni network of over 70 Insight Fellows who are now working as data scientists and data engineers.
  • Interview and get hired at mentor companies immediately following completion of the program

White Papers:

Hiring Partners:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Square, Microsoft, Palantir, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, Adobe, Airbnb, Jawbone, as well as at various well-funded startups.

The Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program sessions for 2014 start on June 2, 2014 (applications are now closed for this session) and September 2, 2014 (applications open — deadline on July 7)


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