Byte Academy

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Wall Street tech firm Byte Consulting Inc. has created Byte Academy, a 12-week bootcamp designed specifically to train highly skilled technologists for jobs with Byte’s clients and others in the rapidly growing world of financial technology.
Students will learn the fundamentals of Python, Javascript and Object Oriented programming and gain an in-depth understanding of its applicability in the financial sector.

Byte Academy


Python, CSS,
programming for a target industry.
Started in2014


Length12 weeks
Class size10-20 people
Sessions per year3
Dedication per week50hrs
Minimum skill levelJr. Developer,
Placement test
Coding challenge
Prep work before classes startYes, 2 weeks
InterviewPhone or Skype


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to visitorsNo
Refund (if accepted job through program)Yes. Up to 50% refund
depending on length of job
(1 year on the job) and type of position.
Minimum of 6 months on the job for
partial refund.
Financing / ScholarshipCase by case basis.


Student VisaYes***

Phone #1-646-500-8608
Address295 Madison Ave.
35th Floor
CityNew York, NY


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*** – Students cannot get a student visa just for attending Byte Academy. However, if our students find a job through our affiliate Company, we will help apply for an H1B on their behalf.

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  • William Mantly

    Byte academy teaches far them simple programing, it teaches you how to think like a software engineer. We covered basic CS algorithms and how computers function at a lower level to give us a better understanding of what out programs are doing. We worked extensively using proper git work flow, white board sessions and constant team communication. I learned that the over all design and implementation is far more important then the lines of code one would write. Byte was a great experience and the instructors are very knowledgeable and attentive, ready and willing to help out any time, even nights and weekends. The sense of community that we have with the staff, alumni and fellow students is like a tasty cherry on top giving every one a larger pool of knowledge and experience to draw from and contribute too. I would, and have, recommended Byte to any looking to grow in the development field.

  • victor

    Worse bootcamp! The place is dirty/messy, Nobody knows comp science or have experience with Python/Django so you just learn outdated/wrong techniques that won’t help you in the market. Don’t waste you time/money.

  • eve

    The FinTech part is just few hours on the second month where they will explain a bit of financial terminology and that’s is all! There is nothing of FinTech at all.

    The Python/Django program was created by a recent graduate from a Ruby/Rails bootcamp, not anyone with real knowledge or experience in Python nor Django. The is so many things missing or wrong in that curriculum that you are better doing some Python online classes for free on Edx or Udacity.

    The job assistance is basically a meeting where they will show you a list of few sites with job listings(that you would get yourself in 1min looking for jobs online) and a resume assistance that will take 2 weeks to review your resume.

    I would never recommend this bootcamp to anyone.