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Codeup is the “elite professional school for computer programming,” located in downtown San Antonio, TX. Codeup offers a 4-month bootcamp covering the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), making it unique in the market. Since launching in January of 2014, Codeup has graduated over 60 students and generated over $2.1 million in tech salaries.

No programming experience is needed to apply to Codeup. Rather, the program seeks candidates who are “motivated, smart and hireable in every way.” Codeup welcomes out-of-state students and can assist with living arrangements and other logistics. Codeup also supports increasing the number of women in tech and offers two scholarships per session for female applicants only. Admissions are rolling so apply early if interested.

Students are assigned about 40-60 hours of pre-work to help get up to speed before the first day of class. Class runs Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for 16 weeks and generally consists of lectures and interactive assignments. Codeup also offers optional study halls in the mornings and evenings, during which instructors make themselves readily available to students for questions and advice. Throughout the week, guest speakers are invited to Codeup’s “Brown Bag Lunch Series” to talk about their experience as developers and entrepreneurs. The final weeks of the program are spent preparing a capstone project, which is presented to a room full of potential employers on Codeup’s Demo Day. Bootcamp graduates exit the program with a complete, real-world portfolio to show to employers the impact they can make starting from day one on the job.

The value of Codeup extends beyond the classroom walls. Codeup’s location within Geekdom—a tech hub in San Antonio which houses over 200 startups—connects students to an extensive and enthusiastic community of techies and entrepreneurs. Students have the opportunity to network with potential employers, many of which have hired Codeup grads in the past. Mentorship and career guidance are central to the Codeup philosophy: each student receives feedback on his/her resume, LinkedIn, and GitHub profiles and undergoes mock interviews with instructors before completing the program.

Codeup realizes the gravity of making a career-changing decision and believes their program offers the best process and environment to do so. They bring new meaning to the saying of, “putting your money where your mouth is.”
If students aren’t hired within six months of graduation, Codeup will refund 50 percent of their tuition.



FocusPHP, Javascript, Laravel, jquery,
MySQl, Linux, Apache/nginx,
Cloud deployments
Started in2013


Length4 months,
Class size10-14 people
Sessions per year12
Dedication per week35 hours
Minimum skill levelNone
Placement test
Coding challenge
Preliminary Math Test
Prep work before classes start40-60 hours of pre-work
In-person or Skype i


Total Cost

Exclusive discount to visitorsNone
Refund (if accepted job through program)Refund 1/2 fee if students
don't find work within 6 months.
Financing / ScholarshipYes Up to 100%
through Climb Credit.
Women scholarships available.


55+ partner employers.
Student VisaNot yet.

Phone #210-865-3782
Address112 E. Pecan Suite 1000
CitySan Antonio, Texas


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  • Cory R.

    Attending this boot camp was an amazing value for me. The instructors are very passionate and knowledgeable about their subject. The community of Geekdom is an added bonus. Students are able to attend meetups on web development topics to expand their knowledge and network. At the end of the course, the staff is very helpful in finding you a job and give post curriculum advice on where to go next.

    Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start or change their career in a great industry.

  • James Garcia

    I just finished Codeup last week. I stumbled upon the class as a server and it has been one of the best experiences in my life. I was able to learn new skills with the help of amazingly helpful instructors. Apart from the instructors, I was able to form new friendships with my classmates, as well as connecting with recruiters and potential employers.

    I recommend anyone looking for a career change to look into taking Codeup. You will not be disappointed.

  • As a member of the first cohort, I found the entire staff to be focused on providing quality instruction, constructive feedback, and useful resources that all went toward helping every student find employment as a developer or in the the development world. It takes work and determination to make the career change, and you’ll need support, both moral and other types. I would do this a million times over if i had a million times to do it over. I am now working as a developer in the education industry, and I love what I do. I would never have been able to leave a ded-end position and do what I am doing today without Codeup.

  • Patrick Rodo

    Doing Codeup was a risk. You’re putting down a significant amount of money to learn something you may have never thought you could do. Programming is simple, but not easy.

    After going through the course and having some hesitance as to whether I’d be good at it or not because math isn’t my strong suit, I don’t regret it a bit. The class is instructed by phenomenal teachers who have a ridiculous amount of patience. They’re there to help you every step of the way and no question is considered stupid.

    If you’re on the fence as to whether you should go through Codeup as a career change or you’re just curious about learning programming, I would without a doubt do it. You’ll meet awesome people, learn things that’ll empower you, and make 2-3x what you were making before you walked in.

  • Johnny Staudt

    Codeup is an awesome operation. The instructors are brilliant – not only regarding the subject matter, but also the manner in which they deliver the material. They’re friendly, patient, and passionate about their work. The front office, too, are supersmart and are constantly looking out for students. I made a handful of contacts (and even got a job) just from suggestions and introductions coordinated by front office staff. For me, this was definitely the most impressive part of the Codeup experience: you are surrounded by the absolute best people who have your best interests in mind at all times.

    Apart from that, you’ve got the opportunity to build and expand a new network, not only of potential employers, but of friends and colleagues. You’ve got Geekdom right next door, an invaluable resource in itself. You’ve got a never-ending flow of social/industry events to attend. Basically, you’re joining a family of really friendly and smart people when you decide to attend Codeup.

    Then, finally, there’s the process itself. Learning, growing, gaining confidence, and yes, finding a job are all part of the package. You will transition from someone who is interested in programming into someone who can hold their own as a “developer in the wild.” If you’re smart and you want to get into this field, this school is for you.

  • Paul Kuzma

    I attended Codeup after realizing how difficult it would be to teach myself web development, and it was a truly excellent experience. The operation is very well organized, they teach not only all the technical skills you need to succeed as a developer, such as the programming languages, but also how to look things up on the internet when you don’t immediately know how to do something, an invaluable skill for developers. The instructors are very knowledgable and helpful, and do a great job of helping you without doing the hard work for you.

    A friend of mine is a level 3 software developer, and after looking at my portfolio and examples of my work, he told me I have the same level of knowledge he did after two years of self-teaching. That’s the Codeup experience: you get the equivalent of 1-2 years of self-teaching web development in a 12-week period. For anyone thinking of changing careers, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  • Lindsey N.

    Attending Codeup was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my professional career. I did not come from a technical background but upon learning about Codeup, it quickly became the most logical decision to pursue in order to put my career on the right path.

    From day one, Codeup set the pace as being a professional and challenging program. The cohort was geared towards the LAMP stack and focused heavily on PHP. For the entire cohort, the students lived and breathed programming. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and professional as well. It was hard not to love programming after being influenced by mentors who had the same tenacity for learning and working in the technology industry.

    Since the cohort, I have become employed with one of the best creative development companies in San Antonio and I look forward to work and enhancing my skills everyday. Hands down, Codeup was a positive impact.

  • Calvin G

    I found Codeup while contemplating a career change after 16 years in medical sales. After considerable research I decided to commit to the program and am very glad that I did. The program is intense, challenging, and not for the faint of heart but the instructors are outstanding and the work is very rewarding. Everyone at Codeup was extremely supportive and professional. I found employment a mere one month after completing the program. I would definitely recommend Codeup to anyone looking to get into coding or the tech industry.

  • Queen Em

    Attending Codeup was an interesting and worthwhile experience. I quit my job and moved to San Antonio to attend the program. The flow of the program was really great. It allowed you to learn and apply the material without the stress of being rushed or “tested.” They will give you the coursework, the instructors are there, its basically what you decide to put into it. There are also great social events in and around the school you can attend. I would highly recommend the program if you are serious about learning and have the discipline to stick through it. All in all it was fun, challenging and worthwhile. With regards to my career goals, this was the best decision/investment of my time and money I have made.

  • Fernando R.

    Codeup is an interesting and unique course. The instructors are very motivated, and love what they do. This is passed on to the students who will be able to learn in a much better environment. Additionally, students are recommended to interrupt the class with any questions they may have. This is very different than what most of us are used to form public schools. Overall, my employers and I are impressed with what the school managed to instill in us in a short period of time. I highly recommend trying it out!

  • rhinojos

    So, what does the math test consist of? I feel that I might be weak in this area, so I’d like to know to prepare. Thanks!

  • Sakib Shaikh

    Loved this program, great teachers, great staff, always making improvements, very responsive to the needs of their students. They turned me, a non-technical person, intro a Web Developer!

  • Roger Chin

    Codeup was a great experience for me. They offered hands-on training and extensive support from their staff. I was fortunate enough to land a job with great pay within a month of graduating Codeup.

    Codeup will give you a solid foundation as being a developer. The benefit of Codeup over another bootcamp is all the help from the different instructors and also the preparation the staff gives to prepare you for the job hunt. The staff works hard to help you build a solid resume and also assist you in making the connections to employers after the bootcamp.

  • Vaughn Alvarado

    Codeup was a great opportunity for me to be able to jumpstart my career instead of just having a job. It is a very rigorous course and as long as you put the time and effort to learn, your knowledge will increase immensely. Within about 2 months of graduating Codeup I acquired a full-time position in San Antonio with better pay, hours, and benefits than my previous job.

  • Michael Burney

    I’ll keep it simple:
    They provided relocation service for me.
    They provided 10/10 instructors.
    They provided bottomless coffee and random free food.
    They provided speakers/talks with very high level names in the industry
    They provided Resume workshops and Job Seeking skills
    They provided serious 1 on 1 time and study hall time and help along the way.
    They provided personal mentors.
    They provided some serious job leads.
    and the list keeps going…

    Would I do it again? Yes. 20x over.

  • Trey Sowers

    Codeup will definitely help you build a solid programming foundation. The instructors and staff really do care about your success and it shows. It is a very challenging but rewarding program. I would highly recommend Codeup for anyone that may be interested in a career change.

  • Penthious

    If you want a change in your career and are not afraid to dedicate countless hours to learn a new skill then Codeup is for you. I went into Codeup with zero knownledge in programming, I spent 12 hours a day 6 days a week to studying, reading and writing code. Now that I graduated I am confident in my skills as a junior developer. Yes I still need to grow alot more but thanks to Codeup I now have job in salt lake city making $40k a year and can easily double that in a year or two.

  • Alejandra Ramirez

    Codeup was overall an incredibly worthwhile experience. Within four months you’ll have learned enough information to gain a job as an entry to junior level developer. While it is fast-paced and you’ll be learning so much useful information, it is still fun with immersive coding projects. In addition there are amazing opportunities to get involved and to meet new developers for those who may feel like a fish out of water or in a completely new environment. The instructors have great attentiveness and consideration to the problems or difficulties you may face during the course. They are extremely friendly and are always willing to extend a helping hand during or after class. Also, the staff always take what you have to say, whether it be constructive criticism or ideas, into serious consideration and are very pro-active and very concerned in regards to your future after Codeup.

  • Natalie Ortiz

    Code was a great experience and helped me move my career in the right direction. You learn an incredible amount in 4 months. The curriculum is thorough and focuses on web development. They give you all the tools to learn as much as you want to in a relatively short amount of time. You have access to a thorough curriculum, study halls with instructors, group projects and a final capstone project. They also teach soft skills like interviewing and resume writing. They do their best to prepare you for an entry-level programming job. It’s really up to you though to take those tools and do the work. If you do, you’ll get so much out of it. I graduated recently and was working within 2 weeks.

  • Micah Johnson

    As a person who asks a lot of questions i loved how patient and willing to help the staff was. Instructors were available both before and after school and even stayed late on several occasions to help me with problems i was struggling with. The school provided lots of real world applications of the information we were learning. I was employed within 3 weeks of graduation through a small start up paying $10,000 more than i was making prior to Codeup. The ideal type of job i was hoping for. Good pay, working remotely, and an environment where I’m required to continuously learn. I will highly recommend this career path to people and will continue to be involved with Codeup in the future. I am thankful for everything they did for us.