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Fullstack Academy is an established 13 week programming boot camp based in New York City. Students learn Fullstack JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, CS Fundamentals and more from experienced software engineers. Fullstack Academy is the only Y Combinator backed programming boot camp, and its curriculum focuses on the development of core software engineering skills with a project based approach.

The Curriculum: Fullstack Academy teaches one of the fastest growing and most challenging tech stacks in web application development: Fullstack JavaScript. With the rise of single-page-applications and the increasing demand for seamless user experience on the front-end, Fullstack’s curriculum is centered on teaching frontend and backend JavaScript deeply, along with computer science fundamentals. The curriculum is updated regularly for popular new technologies, such as JS libraries like D3.js. Beyond coding, Fullstack also has a CTO Program curriculum, which covers other knowledge areas related to startups and software development, such as Agile Project Management, User Experience, Product Design, Lean Startup, etc.

Program Offerings: Fullstack has 2 class offerings – A 13 week full-time program and a 26 week part-time program. Both cover the same curriculum and are taught live on campus.

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** – 80-120 hours over 4 weeks. Includes materials to review, assignments to be completed, and interactive virtual office hours

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